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Rid Your Business Property of Flies With Mosquito Squad’s Fly Control!

Flies are constantly associated with gross, disgusting environments. There’s a reason for this – flies have countless microorganisms crawling over their entire body. Once a fly lands, it sheds some of these microbes – think about the loss of appetite that occurs when one lands on your burger! In addition to simply grossing you and your guests out, if you were to eat that same burger that a fly landed on, you could ingest those microbes and become ill.

If you’re searching for a reliable fly control company, but just can’t seem to find them, relax, and call Mosquito Squad of Hampton Roads. We offer fly control as an add-on to our incredibly effective mosquito and tick control barrier application. No matter if you’re looking for fly control at your home or at your place of business, you can count on Mosquito Squad of Hampton Roads to get rid of the flies and keep them gone!

Fly Control at Your Restaurant or Dining Establishment

It may seem as though we’re really trying to drive the issue home here, seeing as we keep mentioning flies and food in the same text. That’s not the case, but it’s probably effective. Flies will swarm and flock to areas where food is present, it’s just a fact of life. This means that if you’re seeing flies near your restaurant’s outdoor dining area, then chances are there will be more on the way.

If you’re in desperate need of fly control at your home, business or any other property, call Mosquito Squad of Hampton Roads today. We’re the number one provider of fly control in Williamsburg, Virginia Beach, and the Hampton Roads area. Call us today at 757-422-2483 or email us at [email protected]. We look forward to hearing from you soon!

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